Our Mission

We are mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, sons and daughters of survivors who are devoted to the communities where we live and work paving the way for innovative approaches to treating trauma and eliminating the negative emotional effects of those events.

We provide survivors support while reclaiming a sense of joy in their lives.

We create a strong platform from which to drive growth through donors & increase awareness.
We utilize the proven tools that help healing, education and empowerment.

We believe in continued public awareness.

With more reports of PTSD, daily trauma of domestic abuse, child abuse, and the recent exposure of past abuse every day, we offer additional support, speak at public events, and provide additional media exposure to help end the violence.

Our services compliment any action survivors are currently taking to better their lives – both in healing and education.

A Percentage of Each Book Sale Goes Towards Helping Someone in NEED of an Emotional Release!

We work with several charities and organizations to help survivors of past traumatic events move on to an empowering future!

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Do You Know of Anyone Who Has Ever Felt Stuck?

If anyone knows what it’s like to be stuck, she does. After walking in on a dead room mate, the death of her father and grandmother within weeks of one another, having the bank accidentally steal her home and the lawyers using up her life savings and screwing up so bad the judge dismissed her case….I can say without a doubt, there was serious anger preventing her from moving on in a healthy, positive fashion. Since 2014 Liana has been committed to volunteering and helping others eliminate the negative emotions that continue to plague society today. High School and College don’t teach anyone how to deal with negative emotions. Anger Management just teaches you how to deal with your anger in a socially acceptable way. MER® eliminates those negative feelings and removes those blocks allowing you to feel free again and separate negative feelings from the experiences of your past.

Help someone by purchasing this book!

Finally revealed in Liana’s heart felt story of trauma, tragedy, and triumph, the specific “Aha Moment” that helps take anyone from not knowing their own reason “WHY am I here” or “WHAT is my purpose”, “HOW do I figure it all out”, and ESPECIALLY, “How do I let the things in my past go” to a purposeful and passionate existence. Get your copy today!

By purchasing your book you will be helping future generations learn how to release their negative emotions and limiting beliefs. A percentage of the proceeds from each sale goes to help teachers give students guidance on how to give their students the resources and tools to create a positive change and empower their future.

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