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  • Check out these cool exercises on video.

    1. elicit your timeline
    2. elicit your values
    3. overcome anxiety and fear
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    1. Joe Dispenza talks about negative thoughts –

    2. Julius Fawcett – Health, Wealth, Happiness, and Love –

    3. Marisa Peer – Guided Meditation for Confidence, Courage, and Self Belief –

    4. Jason Stephensen – Wisdom Meditation: Giving you Answers to your deepest Questions –

    5. Dr. Matt James – Ho’Oponopono 7 minute Forgiveness Meditation –

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Personality Quadrants– Job/Task Quiz  _ Click Here to download a .PDF file

Rank in order of importance from (1-4) 1 being least like you and 4 being most like you:

  1. When I am working with a team and a problem arises, I:
    ___A) Systematically go through
    problem solving steps
    ___B) Support others and am a
    ___C) Think of fun, out-of-the-box
    ___D) Take charge of the situation
  2. When I meet people at a networking group I am:
    ___A) Quiet and a little reserved
    ___B) Kind and loving
    ___C) Funny and energetic
    ___D) Direct
  3. I consider myself:
    ___A) Dependable in all I do
    ___B) A peaceful person
    ___C) Passionate about life
    ___D) A little competitive
  4. It is important for me to come across as:
    ___A) Smart
    ___B) Caring
    ___C) Inspiring
    ___D) Confident
  5. I don’t get a long with people who are:
    ___A) Unorganized, Chaotic
    ___B) Controlling, Insensitive
    ___C) Meticulous, Critical
    ___D) Slow, Indecisive
  6. My communication style is:
    ___A) Accurate, Logical
    ___B) Compassionate, Understanding
    ___C) Exciting, Energetic
    ___D) Confident, Direct
  7. I manage my time in this style:
    ___A) Systematic
    ___B) Go with the flow
    ___C) I don’t manage my time
    ___D) Efficient
  8. I like my leaders to:
    ___A) Give me exact instructions
    ___B) Give me lots of feedback
    ___C) Let me do my thing
    ___D) I am the leader
  9. I would describe myself as:
    ___A) Predictable
    ___B) Even-tempered
    ___C) Spontaneous
    ___D) Determined
  10. When I am working on my business I am:
    ___A) Diligent, Detailed
    ___B) Focused on helping others
    ___C) Creative in finding solutions
    ___D) Productive

Total up each letter:


The LOWEST SCORE is your Dominant Personality
 Click Here to Download and read about your Dominant Personality!