Overview of Timeline Therapy

George Gillas does an excellent job at explaining the basics of timeline therapy.

What is your Timeline?

It’s where your unconscious mind stores and organizes your memories.

 ~ Through Time

 ~ In Time

Elicitation of Values

Abby Eagle does an excellent job at presenting the Elicitation of Values.

What Do you Value?

Ask your unconscious mind several times.

 ~ Put your list in the correct order of importance

 ~ Are you living a life according to your Values?

Remove Anxiety & Fear

Stefan from Life Mastery Accelerator & Mark Shepard from New Haven
not only explain it best, but, also put it into practice!

Triangle of State

1. physiology
2. focus
3. language

Do You have Anxiety? Do this exercise with me.
  1. ~ Elicit your timeline.
  2. ~ Float high above your timeline looking towards the future
  3. ~ Float 15 minutes past the successful completion of the event that is causing your fear or anxiety
  4. ~ Imaging how you feel, what you will see, hear, or taste after there is a fantastic result…
    …You should already be feeling better.