Empowering, Integrative, Breakthrough Coaching

The coaching model is designed to be a profound and life-changing transformational journey. Taking you, your business, your life to the Extraordinary levels you dream about!


Are you finding yourself in a pattern of doing the same thing over and over again to avoid conflict, discomfort or fear of change? We are fairly certain that, at least to some extent, you’re putting everyone else’s needs before your own, which leaves you feeling depleted and resentful.

You’re listening to everyone else’s opinions about you and what you should be doing instead of paying attention to what intuitively feels right for you and this leaves you feeling disappointed and discouraged. This emotional state is where you may be stuck – unable to take action toward new opportunities because of limiting beliefs about yourself, or an overload of business, lack of time, and feeling overwhelmed. It seems like you’re doing everything right – taking care of the kids, the spouse, working hard, running errands, writing your book, and checking things off your perennial To-Do list – and yet, you can’t seem to get ahead. Hell, you can’t even keep up!

We get it.

Our dramas take up so much space in our lives that most of us wouldn’t know ourselves without them.
We all have the ability to create a life of joy, happiness, peace, balance and total fulfillment. However, if it were that easy we would have already done it. Sometimes we just need the help of a good coach or mentor to help us see where we’re missing our mark and to help us get back on track. There’s a solid reason why professional athletes, actors and business people have coaches. Having someone who’s walked the path before you and who knows how to navigate potential pitfalls is key. Having someone to hold you accountable is what keeps you showing up for practice, and consistently showing up for practice is what enables you to play well when you step onto the court. Bringing your A-game is what makes you feel alive, and it’s also what propels you forward to achieving your goals and stepping into your vision. And, a sweet side effect is that it inspires others to to do same. A good coach is who helps you get there. A good knows when to celebrate your wins. A good coach knows when to give you a hug and and tell you everything is going to be alright, and a good coach knows when to give you a swift kick in the booty to get you up and moving again. We have that coach who is right for YOU.

Individual – Group – Personal – Professional: We have a coach for you!

Integrative Breakthrough Coaching is done over the phone so that you can engage in the process from the privacy and comfort of your own home or office. Therefore, you can work with me regardless of where you currently live.

The coaching model is designed to be a profound and life-changing transformational journey, which spans the course of 6-12 months. Additionally, you will choose a specific area of your life that you want our primary focus to be on (personal development, health and wellness, relationships, family, career and success, or spirituality).

During this time, your coach will guide you through a purposeful and proven process that consistently produces breakthrough results.

Integrative Breakthrough Coaching is designed to support you in accessing your own innate wisdom and intelligence. Unlike traditional counseling or therapy where you look to someone else for direction, our approach to Integrative Breakthrough Coaching helps you to realize your own greatness and tap into your own internal guidance that support you in looking within for your own answers.

*Integrative Breakthrough Coaching is a program, and is not offered in ala carte sessions.

Achieve PROFESSIONAL Results

What does it mean to be a Professional?

It means you deliver results…period! A professional has the strength to show their emotions, the flexibility to manage their state and the resolve to achieve their goal.

Are you tired of being in your own way…of sabotaging yourself again and again?  Are you through being “overly emotional” or “over reactive” and now you are ready to take charge of your business and your success? If so, this may be your first step.

We begin our professional coaching with a series of workbooks to help you get clear on what you want and what motivates you. We refine the goal together and then develop an action plan. You’re responsible for taking action and focusing on what you want. As your coach, it is our responsibility to help you remove your roadblocks, overcome obstacles, eradicate barriers and excuses, empowering you to achieve your goals.

Achieve EXECUTIVE Results

What’s involved?

From our diverse backgrounds, we’ve learned that what one thinks is the issue is seldom the issue. In our Executive Results Coaching Program, We combine our skills of root cause analysis, forensic questioning based on integrative psychology, and our backgrounds as a trainer of Hypnosis and Neuro-Linguistic Programming to dig for the deeper issues and we dig deep.
We begin our coaching with 4 hours of lighting up and blowing out all of the surface level issues that hold you back. We then set goals and create an action plan to achieve those goals.

From there, we spend the next six months eliminating the deeper issues that we found and those that arise throughout the program. Our job as your coach at this level is to help you eliminate any baggage that comes up, remove roadblocks and get you taking consistent action to generate momentum and help you achieve your goals.

Achieve ELITE Results

Creating Empowerment in your Life:

If we are able to help a grieving mother let go of the anger, sadness, fear, hurt and guilt stemming from the loss of her god-daughter in an hour and a half, imagine what we can do in a 6-10 hour intensive breakthrough session.
At this level of coaching, we not only eliminate the surface level issues, but we pull them out by their roots.

Imagine being able to silence that little voice that says you can’t, you won’t, you never will. What would it feel like to be able to see a vision of the future that you never thought possible, and make that future your reality?

How different would your life be if you could let go of all of the…stuff that holds you back and instead only see opportunities and prosperity; if you could filter the voices, inside and out, and only hear words of encouragement, feedback and hope. What would your life be like if you could learn to truly love yourself, prioritze yourself and achieve any goal you set?

At this level of coaching, excuses do not exist, roadblocks do not exist, impossible does not exist.

Most of our Coaching is done by the Amazing Coach Alex. Taking you, your business, your life to the Extraordinary levels you dream about! Call and we’ll let you know if he is taking on additional clients.