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 We begin our professional coaching with a series of tools to help you get clear on what you want and what motivates you. We refine the goal together and then develop an action plan. You’re responsible for taking action and focusing on what you want. As your coach, it is our responsibility to help you remove your roadblocks, overcome obstacles, eradicate barriers and excuses, empowering you and help your company to achieve your goals.
INCLUDES: 1 MER® Session
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It’s time to deliver results…period! A professional has the strength to show their emotions, the flexibility to manage their state and the resolve to achieve their goal.

Are you tired of being in your own way…of sabotaging yourself again and again? Are you through being “overly emotional” or “over reactive” and now you are ready to take charge of your business and your success? If so, this may be your first step.

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$1,500 USD – Monthy, $8,000 USD – Yearly : 6 Months Discount, $15,000 USD – Yearly : 12 Months Discount


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